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Club trip to Wales 2019

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on Fri, 21/12/2018 - 13:51
Estimated Distance: 
Various to suit

I have booked Foel Ortho near Bala again for 28/29th June 2019 for the club trip.

We will have the farmhouse, bunkhouse and treehouse. The cost will be £80 to cover both nights accomodation and breakfast. Cash to the shop or via PayPal at

We can eat out both nights, The Lake Vyrnwy Tavern has always been very good or a BBQ if we find a willing chef.

If you get there early you can ride on Friday. The main ride will be Saturday. A Sunday ride is an option for those who want one.

Great last minute Christmas present to yourself or a target for 2019? First come, first served. Rooms for couples and ladies can be reserved. The sooner you sign up, the better (for my stress levels if nothing else).

We had a B group and a C group last year, will the A group make a comeback? 

Whoever ends up coming I'm sure you will have a weekend to remember


Ride Date: 
Fri, 28/06/2019
Departing time: 
9 A.M.
Departing from: 
Foel Ortho


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Right, so far I have had money through PayPal from Dave Atkinson, Emma Brain and Mike Stafford and of course I am going too. There may be cash at the shop, I haven't been in. I need to pay the deposit now of £475 with the balance to pay 6 weeks before the trip. That means I need all of the money by 17th May 2019.

There is not £475 in the pot at the moment either! Book yourself on the trip asap. Emma has already reserved the Treehouse, if you are a couple or female booking early gets you a choice of rooms. You really don't want to be in the bunkhouse with with the guys.

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Dave Rogers & John Jones have left their cash at the shop. Dave Alty & Ange Dixon have paid up via PayPal. Thanks for the support, enough cash to pay the deposit now.

Thats 8 places filled so far, don't miss out, pay up to claim your place now.

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Dave Atkinson, Emma Brain,Mike Stafford, Dave Rogers, John Jones, Dave Alty, Ange Dixon, plus Danny Hughes, JP and Lord & Lady Lane have now paid for their weekend, including me that is now 12 riders.

The Farmhouse sleeps about 15, depending on the mix of sexes. The bunkhouse will sleep 8-12 and the Treehouse is already booked for Emma. The Lanes have the Master Bedroom.

There are three months to go before I have to pay the balance but that will disappear very quickly. The best thing to do is pay up and book your place now. It's February, it's cold, wet & grey, cheer yourself up by booking your place now.



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Mark Webberley, Kevin Rogers and Alan Price have all paid up via PayPal, taking us up to 15 riders so far.

Filling up nicely, don't miss outyes


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Brian Holmes & Helen Liversedge have paid via PayPal so that makes 17 riders so far.

If you are still thinking about it, stop thinking and do something. Book your place before it is fullyes


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Maxine Geary is joining us, still some places but book yourself on now so you don't miss outyes

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I need to start chasing you all up now. I have to pay the balance of the cost in about 4 weeks time, so if you have paid part of the £80 cost I need you to raid the piggy bank and pay up the balance asap.

If you have been thinking about going then now is the time to put your name down........and pay up!

We have 18 riders so far, there are still spaces available. For £80 you get 2 nights in a unique farmhouse, breakfast and a couple of days riding in fantastic locations and the company of your clubmates..........wink

It is always a weekend to remember.

This isn't like Brexit, the dates won't change, we take on Wales on the 28th,29th  & 30th June and you won't need a passport or travel visa.

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Mike Lloyd has paid in full to join us, making 19 riders. Still waiting for some people to pay the balance of the £80 they owe.

I have to pay for the trip next month so need you to pay anything outstanding.

Still places availableyes

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