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  • Harry Says “Just get on my wheel and you will be alright!”
  • Harry Says “Put in an extra loop down the coast road”
  • Harry Says “Ride your bike!”
  • Harry Says “Just a steady 2 to 3 hours”

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Frequently asked questions


I need advice on cycling kit. Can the club help?

Of course, just try stopping a cyclist talking about kit! You should also speak to our friendly sponsors (and experts) at The Bicycle Lounge :-)


What about traffic, I find riding in traffic scary?

Our club rides mostly use quiet roads in the country, as much as possible, and the countryside starts a few miles from Ormskirk. You will find riding in a group gives an additional sense of security and visibility and you will soon find your confidence growing as you learn good road awareness from others.


What happens if I puncture?

Shout “puncture”, and allow the group to coast to a suitable place to stop, and get off the road. The group will wait while you replace the tube – so make sure you have spare tubes, tyre levers and a pump. Help and/or advice will be willingly given if you need it.


What's a chainey or chaingang

A chaingang ride, or 'chainey', takes place in spring and summer and is a fast-paced ride used to increase fitness, confidence and ability riding in a group. Also known as 'pace line' riding, it takes its name from the parallel formation of the riders riding in rotation. 


Will i get left behind if I'm too slow?

No, we always aim to ride as a group and make a point of looking after new or novice riders.

There may be occasions (mostly in the summer) were people might attack a hill on a ride but the group will always re-group at the top and wait for all riders. The same goes for punctures - we wait, regroup and at least make sure the rider has the option of carrying on or making their own way back. The exception to this is during the summer 'chaingangs' - if riders are unable to maintain the group's pace they will be dropped, it's how all chaingangs work and it's surprisingly fun!! (and great motivation to get fitter)


What type of bike do I need to ride with HMCC?

One with 2 wheels and a saddle!

But seriously, as long as your bike is road-worthy you're welcome to come along for a ride. There is a mix of bikes in the club – from expensive top-end carbon machines to old-school retro bikes and cyclocross bikes. There is no judgement on what you ride – it's all about enjoying yourself on two wheels with fellow enthusiasts.


Do I need to wear a helmet?

We strongly advise that all riders wear a helmet for their own safety. During the darker winter rides it is advisable to wear appropriate (reflective / light / bright) clothing.


Do I need to wear club kit to ride with HMCC?

No. Many of the club members ride on a regular basis and, as such, have several non-club kits to ride in. It's nice to have club kit when you're out on club rides (or other rides) but it's not a rule. So get your Lycra on - or whatever you're comfortable in - and come for a ride!


It all looks very blokey. Are there any female riders in the club?

The cycling club is a very open and friendly club and welcomes riders of all sexes, shapes and sizes.

Female riders always are, and always will be, welcome to join the club. We do have a quiet a few active female members who regularly ride and take part in club activities and social events.