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HMCC CX Race 2018 - Nov

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on Mon, 24/09/2018 - 22:21
Hi everyone.... with the success of the 1st HMCC CX race last year we're doing it again...earlier, with hopefully less snow! The event will be taking place on Sunday 4th November 2018..... this is going to be another absolute cracking day for all! It's part of the NWCCA calendar and will be mid way through the season -
It's taking place on the Beacon. We will need as many people to help out as possible....Last year was truly amazing, I still get comments from none HMCC people on how supportive the club was - we're asking if people could begin to pencil it in their diaries and put their names down to help out. Even if you've never raced CX before or even seen it you'll be amazed at how much of a family, community event/ race it is.... racing is from under 8's all the way up to the old farts! It's such a good day in the mud with awesome people.... so we'll be looking for (not exclusively):
- Course volunteers/ marshals (no experience necessary, wellies and flask compulsory :-)
- Registration Volunteers (lovely warm-ish tent)
- We'd love the awesome HMCC cake squad baking (belgian themed cakes :-)
- Runners and logistics helpers
The racing will begin from 10:30 but obviously set up before. The core organising team will be there from stupid o'clock to set up the course but we don't need people to be there from then. If you can do anytime across the day then great, racing finishes around 15:30. We will rotate people around where we can to avoid tedium and coldness.
There will be coffee and tea and if we can get some food vouchers we will dish them out!
Please post in the event page if you can help and i can keep track of volunteers-
It's also a great opportunity to have a go at CX too!
posted on FB too
We've paid extra for no horizontal snow this year.....promise!
cheers everyone
Dan and organising team
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HMCC CX 2018 sponsorship....

Hi everyone,

As you may have seen our 2nd HMCC CX race will be taking place on the Beacon on the 6th November 2018. The event will be a fantastic mid season race of North West CX season and will also be a brilliant family, cycling event. We are having an event village centrally with stalls, the race will be a new circuit for adults and a smaller one for kids – racing is for under 8’s up to Vets! As part of the race we have already secured some sponsors and we’re now in a position to offer any of our club members the opportunity to sponsor the race/ areas of the race.

We are thinking that people may want to sponsor small sections of the course or full races. In terms of how much, that’s up to you. The money from sponsorship is re-invested in the infrastructure of the race, and any excess will go back into the club, this may be in the form of additional resources for our kids Go-ride set up or club equipment. This isn’t the chance for the club to make money from its members, but rather a great chance to invest in the club and what we’re doing within the community and the race scene.

Sponsors would get the chance to put some signs up around their area or have them up around the winners of their sponsored race i.e. HMCC under 8’s CX race 2018, sponsored by Asda.

Please don’t take this as a plea for funding, the race is supported by the entry fees and some existing sponsors, we thought this would be a nice way for people to get behind a HMCC event in a different way.

The course is in the process of being signed off, therefore we have the following which may be of sponsor interest (not exclusively):

- Youth/ Novice race

- Under 8 race

- Under 12 race

- Under 10 race

- Vet 50 Men race

- Women race

- Vet 40 Men race

- Senior / Junior Men race

- HMCC Belgian corner?

- Hill climb

If any of these or others sound interesting drop myself or the Captain an email and we can talk further.

Thanks for reading, see you on the 6th!!

Dan, HMCC CX team and the Captain

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