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  • Harry Says “Just get on my wheel and you will be alright!”
  • Harry Says “Put in an extra loop down the coast road”
  • Harry Says “Ride your bike!”
  • Harry Says “Just a steady 2 to 3 hours”

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B Group

Nice n Steady

danmon_81's picture

Hell of Lancashire 2015

on Tue, 24/02/2015 - 09:07

Hell of Lancashire 2015 - its back....with new sectors!!!

With the success of 2014 HMCC classics ride I’ve decided we should do it again (i might be on my own)!!!


Sunday 29th March 2015 (usual shop meet time)

- One group of hardcore classic HMCC riders (if large number we may split)

- You have to ride a road bike or cross mountain bikes

- The route will be around the lancashire 'Lanes' taking in gravel sections, cobbles, potholes, canal, trails, dirt roads etc

- This year I’ve added in some new sectors

- It will probably be around 42miles all being well and good

- It will feel like more

Rider ability: 
Ride Date: 
Sunday, 29 March, 2015
Estimated Distance: 
45 miles
Matt Middleton - The Captain's picture

Captain's Big Day Out!

on Mon, 19/01/2015 - 19:29

We are going to head to Chipping first up the A6 the direct route. Then head over towards Jefferys Hill, Ribchester, Mellor and back via Bindle. If all goes to plan, these are the details - 

OR WOULD YOU SOONER GO OVER THE TROUGH OF BOWLAND! Please let me know your preference. 

  • Ride Leaves @ 8.10am
  • Arrive at Chipping Cafe or maybe just a shop stop for 11.30ish 
  • 45min break


 What you need - 

  1. Money £10 plus
  2. 2 x Bottles with fuel in, not just water! Extra hydro tablets or sachets as well.
  3. Energy Bars & Gels 
  4. 2 x Inner Tubes, tyre levers etc.
  5. Phone

The A Group riders will do most on the work on rotation.

Rider ability: 
Ride Date: 
Sunday, 19 April, 2015
Estimated Distance: 
75-80 mile
mr_poll's picture

25th Jan A- ride

on Thu, 01/01/2015 - 15:54

With Ste D taking the A's around a few little local lumps I will take an A- group (of there is enough interest) on a fast flat loop (yep the one I posted a few weeks ago) for any A riders short of form due to the winter break or B riders looking to step up.

Route will be flat, out through Eccleston/Buckshaw to Gregson Lane then loop back past Runshaw and Croston to the cafe at Rufford for those who want a coffee. There will be regular changes at the front, you won't get better or be able to join the fast boys if you hide in the wheels.    

Rider ability: 
Ride Date: 
Sunday, 25 January, 2015
Estimated Distance: