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Bala Club Trip 2020

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on Mon, 06/01/2020 - 20:09

The 8th annual club trip to Foel Ortho Farmhouse, near Bala has now been booked for Friday 5th and Saturday 6th June 2020. We will have the Farmhouse, the Bunkhose and the Treehouse as in previous years. Maximum numbers 26-28 depending on the mix.

It will cost you £80 for two nights accomodation and breakfast which you can drop off at the Bicycle Lounge or send me via PayPal

The delay in booking is related to Ed & Jenny putting the properties through Airbnb due to Ed's ongoing health issues. The major difference this makes to me is that I have today had to pay £876 to secure the bookings with the balance being taken from my credit card on 21st May 2020. I have previously been able to collect money prior to paying the deposit and final balance. What I need you to do is help me out by getting your money in asap.

This is the link to the farmhouse if you have not been before

The plan is for the main ride on Saturday, a full day with a couple of cafe stops. Sunday morning or Friday afternoon rides are optional. All rides can be tailored to any level of fitness, we have had C, B & A groups rides in previous years.

We have had a BBQ on saturday night for the last 2 years and have spent at least one night at the Lake Vyrnwy Tavern to eat on the other night.

I will post more detail later but for now please let everyone know and get your money in asap. First come first served, don't miss out.

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I need your help! As I said originally, the change to booking through Airbnb means I have to pay a large deposit up front and then the final balance 21st May. In previous years I have had plenty of time to collect your money and pay for the trip but not this time. I really need you to support this by confirming you are coming and paying in full asap. The initial deposit was £876 which is now due on my credit card on the 4th February, just under 3 weeks away.

So far Neil Hyde has paid £80 via Paypal (thanks Neil) and up to today no money has been dropped off at the shop. Every year, people leave it late to pay but that won't work this year. I need 20 people to make this pay for itself, we have always exceeded those sort of numbers and used any excess funds to donate to charity.

I need another 9 people to commit and pay before 4th February, please be one of them and reduce my stress levels frown

I will then need the rest for the next deadline when the balance of £704 will be charged to my credit card on 21st May.

Paypal at or cash to the shop.yes

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The trip has been cancelled due to a lack of support. I posted about the change in payment details as AirBnB have taken over the booking and can't afford to fund this out of my own pocket. Response has been poor.

I have already repaid anyone who paid via PayPal. If ypou dropped acsh at the shop, please collect it.


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