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Stepping up...'Dont buy upgrades....ride up grades'

danmon_81's picture
on Wed, 18/02/2015 - 15:21

OK, so Simon our resident Blogger...Blogee...blogster.....guy who usually writes these, has kindly let me guest on the HMCC blog to discuss an eternal club ride/ at the shop/ social media talking point amongst the ever expanding HMCC team.........'Stepping up' or as its affectionately known on a Sunday morning...the 'i might give that group a go today' scenario.

I haven’t been riding bikes 'properly' for that long...I’ve been riding with the club since Nov 2012 ( I vividly remember those early days of being substantially plumper and slower but i also remember the support i got on those early rides from a mix of people from a mix of groups....i started on the winter evening rides where the group was mixed. My 1st Sunday ride was 2 days before Xmas 2012 with the B group and Mick taking the genuinely feels like yesterday when i 2+ years down the line, 4 bikes, an empty bank balance and a whole new set of great friends i find myself 2 sunday's into riding with the HMCC 'Race group'!!!

This is by no means a 'hey look at me, how good am i' post (if you know me hopefully you know I’m not like this).....and i should say that in the space of 2 Race Group rides there were times when i had my ass well and truely handed to me by other riders...'the ye-ha', 'i hope the lights change to red so i can recover' type of situations....but hopefully this might be a food for thought kind of post.....

Why did I step up to the A's??

During those early B group rides where i cut my teeth in group riding i always wondered about the next 'level' of riding, even whilst i was dragging my 17 stone ass up Bank Top i wondered how much quicker the A group would do it...after a few months (3) and picking several riders brains about 'how fast the A's far the A's the A's wait at the top' i decided to give it go, to test my fitness, try something different and also to meet a few new riders (yes that meant learning loads more names)!

How did i find it i hear you say.....well it was as i'd thought....faster, harder....I'd maybe been a bit naïve thinking it wouldn't be too bad but in all honesty it was tough...the kind of tough that makes you feel like not talking and collapsing on the couch when you get home...but a sadistic tough, the kind of tough that makes you feel alive and puts a smile on your mush....funnily enough the feeling i had last Sunday after 60miles with the Race Group!!! :-)


Why have i stepped up to the Race Group??

1st of all i must say I’m only 2 weeks, wet behind the ears, newbie into riding with the Race group and i will still be riding with the A's (there, that's my excuse out the way when Wilko suggest a 'day out to the lakes'!! :-) but i think it comes down to the challenge, the little cycling demon on our shoulders that says things like....

'Shut Up legs'

'it never gets easier, you just go faster'

what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger (maybe not the best one :-)

Do it...Do it.....DO IT!!!!

It's the euphoric feeling that we've all had after our 1st chainey or 1st ride with a new group or 1st time down Parbold's addictive...infectious....

If you'd have asked me back in 2012....or 2013....or 2014 if i thought i could manage a ride with the Race group I’d have told 'no fookin chance, too hard for me.....ask me now and i think my response would be 'yeah...don’t see why not....i'll give it a go...let’s see what happens'!


So why not give another group a go...step up....see what happens...exercise your inner Mark Cavendish or Jensie.....who knows you may find yourself collapsed on the couch Sunday afternoon with a huge grin on your face thinking 'Ye-ha' that felt good!!!


“My biggest fear is not crashing on a bike… It’s sitting in a chair at 90 and saying, ‘I wish I had done more'”. Graham Obree



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Nice post Dan- feelings we all harbour and never voice! Its the Fear factor.....

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as an appendix to this.....i got my ass well and truely kicked today!!!!.....yours, smilingly....Dan :-)

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