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The Hill Climbing Blog

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on Sun, 09/02/2014 - 20:27

Hills can strike fear in any new rider (and a lot of experienced ones), the one thing you can be assured at HMCC the group will always wait at the top of hills. However you may want to ride a few of our favourite local climbs in preperation to joining us on a ride, or perhaps on a recent ride you rode up a climb such as Shaley Brow and you fancy another crack at it but can't remember where it is. Whatever your reason, this series of blogs will cover the location, gradients and advice on attacking the lumps and bumps of West Lancashire. Below is a list of the hills I will cover over the coming months, detailing where it is, how to get there, what to expect when you do and those Strava-nuts out there some times to beat by current members - however if there are climbs you want info on that arent on the list then please feel free to comment on here or ask before a ride on a Sunday and I will happily add any local hills to the blog.

1 - Stoney Lane

2 - Hunters Hill

3 - Shaley Brow

4 - Parbold Hill

5 - Ashurst Beacon

6 - Bank Top & Crow Lane

7 - Greetby (AKA the Dark Lane Dash)

8 - Sanderson Lane

9 - Long Heyes Lane

10 - Clieves Hill


If you are a member of British Cycling and want some tips on climbing then click here for professional advice.


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